Hey Everyone,

Unfortunately Nordstock has been canceled due to low ticket sales. We were scheduled to appear from August 9th - 11th and had a whole line up of new merch etc. ready but now we’ll have to do something else with it. It sucks, but that’s Ottawa for you. Events like this have a tough time drawing people here apparently. So with that in mind - boysdontdraw hopes to move operations to a bigger city in the future. Until then, stay tuned for more shows in the future (we have something planned for the fall already, but shhh), and keep an eye out for the roll out of our new merch coming very soon!

Here’s an article on the cancellation.


Post Show Updates, and NORDSTOCK

Hey Everyone!

  • First and foremost, thank you to everyone that came out to RAW: IMPACT! We recently announced the winner of the 1/1 KAWHI, THE SAVIOUR framed poster on our Instagram, and BASSIM CHAMAA will be receiving the piece shortly!

  • Our online store will be receiving a nice make-over in the coming weeks following up to our next show, so look out for new merch being added very soon!

  • Finally, BOYSDONTDRAW will be set up at Nordstock Music Festival this August 9-11! Nordstock is Canada’s celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the original Woodstock Music Festival.

    Their lineup features only original bands and the best tribute bands from Woodstock '69.  They're putting a Canadian stamp on the celebration at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, Canada.

    Nordstock is not just another music festival.  It’s more than music, it’s more than the artists; it celebrates and recreates the Woodstock experience – a three-day music EXPERIENCE!  Walk in and go back in time to Woodstock of 50 years ago with a retro look and feel.

    Not only will Nordstock have great music, but it will also have the look, feel taste and sounds of the Woodstock era – ambiance, flowers, beads, face-painting, hippies, garb, food, and music. (just ignore the smartphones!)

    Watch for Nordstock’s social media feeds to inspire and guide you on what to wear, how to act and how to talk like a hippie.

    Enjoy the Nordstock Music Festival Experience but don't expect new music or spin-offs or modern rock.  Nordstock is pure and simple, the best original and tribute music of the 1969 Woodstock experience. Nordstock is staying true!

    BOYSDONTDRAW will have a booth set up with 60’s themed merch - including all new designs, featured on prints, posters and t-shirts! We will also be announcing an exclusive 1/1 art piece that we will be raffling off at the show.

    To learn more, check out the details here.

That’s all for now! check back soon for more updates on Nordstock and more.


Up and Coming (+ BOYSDONTDRAW on Rogers TV)

Hey Everyone!

Just a few things we wanted to mention here as we’re approaching the end of June:

  • This Friday June 21st at 7:00PM we will be having our second show with RAW Artists at St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts in Ottawa. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, that’s okay, you can still do so here. We thank you, as always, for your love and support.

  • A few weeks ago we were on Rogers Daytime TV with Dylan Black to promote our June 21st show! It was our first ever time on any sort of TV programming so it was extremely exciting for us! Check it out here:

  • We also announced that the raffle item for the event will be an exclusive 1/1 FRAMED 18x24” Poster of KAWHI THE SAVIOUR, so if you’re coming to the show, be sure to enter to win!

  • Finally, we have a BIG announcement coming after our show this week, stay tuned for more details. It’s gonna be incredible.



Hey Everyone,

First off, I’d like to thank Kia Mazhar for having us at Eat Party Laugh! We had a great time! We always appreciate any venue that will have us, especially when they’re as accommodating and welcoming as Kia was with his show.

Also congratulations to Lydia Djira who won the raffle for the 1/1 *7WORDS poster! We will be contacting you very shortly.


Follow @kiamazharcomedy on Instagram for all of his future gigs and shows.

Also, BOYSDONTDRAW will be at RAW: IMPACT this coming Friday June 21, 2019 at St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts in the Byward Market. RAW Artists was who we did our first show with back at the beginning of March, so we’re excited to be working them again, and hope to see everyone there! As always, we’re hoping to raffle off another piece of exclusive merch at the show, however the piece we want to raffle off this time around is probably our most ambitious one yet, so hopefully we get it ready in time for this show. It’s going to be tons of fun! If you like art, performances, and drinking in a former church then this is the place for you! Tickets are on sale here.


Eat Party Laugh

Happy Thursday!

Just a quick update from us here - this Saturday May 4th we will be at EAT PARTY LAUGH! We will be selling some merch and prints, and raffling off a 1/1 7WORDS* Poster designed specifically for this event, as an homage to one of comedy’s all time greats - George Carlin.



"Eat Party Laugh" is an interactive dinner-comedy show hosted on May 4th, 2019. Each guest will have access to 2 rooms between dinner and the comedy show. One room is an open art space; complimentary art supplies and instruments. The second room will include: virtual reality experiences, board games, video games, and other fun activities to enhance your evening. If you’re so inclined, you may also bring instruments, as there will be an opportunity to jam throughout the evening. It’s being hosted by the very talented Kia Mazhar and is the show’s second event! It’s going to be a great timeso PULL UP!


We will also be announcing our June event this Sunday.

That’s all for now, have a great week everyone. :)


Second Show, Future Sight and More

Hey Everyone!

First of all, thank you once again to everyone that came out to our second show this past month, as always, it means the absolute world to us. We all had a great time hanging out with everyone that came by and were glad that we had more space for our display this time around. I’m just now finishing the last of the commissions from the show, so everyone who requested a commission should be receiving drafts this weekend.


I also want to congratulate Russell Stuart on winning the Raffle for $50 credit toward our online store! We try to hold free raffles at every single one of our shows, so if you ever are able to make it out, that’s something you can always look forward to.


Speaking of shows, you’ll notice we don’t have anything listed under events for our next show but not to worry, we do have another show booked for this summer, but we likely wont be announcing that until early May - so look forward to that. ;)

Finally, thank you to all of our new followers who helped us pass 700 recently on Instagram! These are huge milestones for us - and we hope to do something for the big 1K once we get to it. Stay tuned.

That’s all for now, keep checking back here for updates in the future, and make sure to follow our Twitter @boysdontdraw and Like us on Facebook @boysdontdraw as we hope to be fleshing out our other social media platforms in the coming months.


Post Show Updates, Anniversary Sale & More

Thank You. 

I just wanted to say a big thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you to everyone who came out to our March 1st show, thank you for helping us surpass 600 followers on Instagram, thank you for being here for 2 years now and thank you for all the love and support you’ve all been showing consistently, it makes doing all of this such a pleasure and gives us the motivation to keep putting out art that hopefully everyone enjoys.


As a way of saying thank you in more than just words, today at 10AM we started our week-long ANNIVERSARY SALE with all new merch from the show featured in the BDD Store on sale. That means:

Prints - 50% OFF
Posters - 30% OFF
Shirts - 25% OFF
Coasters - 15% OFF
*NEW* Dad Hats - 15% OFF
*NEW* Stickers - 33% OFF

I hope you guys enjoy the new merch, and as always, if you do end up buying something, tag us on social media - we love to see you enjoying our stuff.  Click the image below or here to shop now.

I also wanted to congratulate Dylan Thomas on being the winner of the RAP FOODS 1/1 Skate Deck last week. Dylan is a huge supporter, and we were all pleasantly surprised when he won, he deserves it. So thank you again Dylan, and thank you everyone who entered the raffle. We hope to do more raffles at our shows in the future. 


Finally,  as some of you may know, we’re currently revving up for out next show which also happens to be this coming March 29th at 5:00PM in the Horticulture Building at Landsdowne Park! If you missed us at our first show, we hope to see as much of you there as possible, so make sure to purchase a ticket here. It’s going to be a super fun time, with plenty of different artists, food, and live sets. Come hang out with the BOYZ! :)

Thank you very much for your support.


Raffle Item Announcement, Event Approaching + Spring Merch Announcement

Happy Sunday!

Good morning everyone! Just a few updates as we’re getting closer to the event:


- RAFFLE ITEM: Yesterday on our social media we announced what our special 1/1 raffle item will be at the event: a Rap Foods skate deck! It’s going to be raffled off for free at our event, you’ll just need to come by our booth and sign up. It comes with wall hangers, so it’ll be a nice addition to most wall spaces.


- SPRING 2019 MERCH: On March 2nd, the day after our first show, we will be releasing our Spring 2019 line of merch, which will more or less be what we’re selling at the show. There will be older pieces that we’ve had since opening along with many newer additions. Meaning March. 1st will be the last day for you to purchase everything currently available in our store.

- CHARITABLE DONATION: After our March 1st event, we will be donating 10% of all of our proceeds from the show toward a charitable cause I feel is near and dear to my heart, and to one that I feel will use the funds toward a worthy cause. We will be announcing which cause we will be donating to a little bit closer to the event.

- FLASH SALE ENDING: Thank you to everyone that bought tickets during our flash sale! Of course our tickets continue to be available until the event starts, however, those lucky enough to buy from Feb. 11 - 15 will be receiving a free print of their choice at the show, so if you have yet to contact me with your print choice, please make sure you do by Feb. 27th so that I can guarantee your print will be ready by the time the show starts.

- LINKINBIO: If some of you have noticed, on my Instagram I’ve created a centralized hub for all of our links we’ve been sharing, that way you can always click on an older link from a previous post. Just go here and click the corresponding photo and it will direct you to the link related to that Instagram post.

That’s all for now! Look out for more updates closer to the event. :)


Ticket Flash Sale, Event Updates + More

Good Morning!

We’re just over 2 weeks away from our first ever live show and things are picking up so there’s just a few updates I wanted to share with you:

  • Yesterday the ticket flash sale started, so, what you need to know is this: If you buy a ticket before Feb. 16/19 right here, you can contact us at or via any of our social media platforms with a screenshot or copy of your ticket confirmation e-mail along with the name of a selected print of your choice and at the RAW: Reflect showcase on March 1st you will receive your selected print for free. So if you want to come to the showcase and haven’t bought a ticket yet, now is a really great time to do so.

  • In the next few days we will be announcing the exclusive raffle prize that we will be giving away at the event of March 1st. Its a really cool thing that I think most people would really enjoy so stay tuned for that.

  • There are 2 days left for the MASK Valentine’s gift, after that it will no longer be offered.

  • We are currently in the process of finishing our Facebook page up, so be sure to follow us on there.

  • Our March 1st event will feature many new items for the boysdontdraw spring collection, which will be available about a week after the event takes place in the online store.

    That’s about it for now, stay warm!


Quick Update

Hey All,

Just a real quick update here:

- The DEAD FANTASY Coaster photos have been updated finally so you have a better idea of what you’re buying.
- Some new photos added (in Rapper Foods + Merch Gallery)
- Shipping Prices are about to change now that I’ve got a better idea of what it’s actually going to cost to ship everything. Should be some time this weekend. So if you want to buy something, now is a good time because the shipping is still $5.00 flat

Happy Hump Day :)


Upcoming Event, Happy 500 Followers (+ More)

Happy Friday!

As many of you might have already seen, boysdontdraw is doing it’s very first art show March 1st 2019 at St. Brigid’s in Ottawa’s Byward Market area with RAW Ottawa. The show is going to be at 7:00pm (19+), and will feature me along with many other talented artists/musicians etc. in Ottawa. Me and my buddies will have a booth displaying my work, merch available for sale, and more! We will also be raffling off a 1/1 piece of exclusive merch with never before seen art signed by boysdontdraw. It should be tons of fun, so come hang out with us! I’d love to get to know everyone, introduce myself a little bit and stop hiding behind the screen haha. You can get more info on our Events page, and buy tickets here on my RAW Artists page. The deadline to purchase tickets will be a week before the event.


I’ve also set up a merch gallery with some of ours and the community’s photos which I will continue to update so that everyone has a better sense of what our merch looks like IRL. As cool as our product previews are, they’re obviously made from a template, so this will be a nice way for everyone to get a better sense of what they’re potentially buying. You can see the gallery here.

Additionally, I’m hoping to unveil another type of merchandise or two this month so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has followed our Instagram page - it may not seem like that much to many, but 500 followers is HUGE to me. When I first started the page, I just created it as a place to post my art without bugging my followers on my personal account too much. Obviously I loved doing it so much that I’ve grown it to take us to this point, but none of it would have been possible without the constant support from you all and I can’t thank you enough for that. So thank you to all 500 of you on IG, thank you to all of my friends who believed in and continue to believe in me, thank you to my 42 followers on Twitter, thank you to my parents who are always loving and supportive of everything I do, and thank you to everyone who actually reads these updates - at the moment, it’s probably the best place to catch, well, updates about everything I’m doing. I hope to continue creating the best, most inspired art that I possibly can for everyone, and hope at the very least I’m bringing some form of enjoyment to you all. It makes me so happy seeing people using my art for their display pictures on Instagram, I’m so flattered.

Have a great weekend!


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT JAN. 1ST! (and other updates)

Hello Everybody,

I have a very exciting announcement to share with everyone on the first day of the new year (Jan. 1st 2019), so stay tuned.

Aside from that, you may have noticed a few changes to the website. We’ve added some new features/pages/etc. to ensure a smooth experience when visiting, some minor and some significant:

- “Work” has been re-named to “Gallery”
- A placeholder page named “Events” has been added
- Minor re-arranging of posts, content and pages
- New “About” page outlining who we are and a brief explanation of how we deliver our products to you
- New “Contact” page with all our contact info, and a fillable form for commission requests and inquiries
- New and sharper pictures for posters and clothing


- New merch (posters & clothing) have been added to the shop

Enjoy, and remember, everything is still on sale until Jan. 1st!



It’s finally here,

Thank you very much to any one who has made an effort to visit my website. I’ve worked very hard in making this happen, and I can’t wait to see it grow. I can’t wait to share more art with you all. I can’t wait to add more merch to the store. Enjoy the week of discounts on products :)