Upcoming Event, Happy 500 Followers (+ More)

Happy Friday!

As many of you might have already seen, boysdontdraw is doing it’s very first art show March 1st 2019 at St. Brigid’s in Ottawa’s Byward Market area with RAW Ottawa. The show is going to be at 7:00pm (19+), and will feature me along with many other talented artists/musicians etc. in Ottawa. Me and my buddies will have a booth displaying my work, merch available for sale, and more! We will also be raffling off a 1/1 piece of exclusive merch with never before seen art signed by boysdontdraw. It should be tons of fun, so come hang out with us! I’d love to get to know everyone, introduce myself a little bit and stop hiding behind the screen haha. You can get more info on our Events page, and buy tickets here on my RAW Artists page. The deadline to purchase tickets will be a week before the event.


I’ve also set up a merch gallery with some of ours and the community’s photos which I will continue to update so that everyone has a better sense of what our merch looks like IRL. As cool as our product previews are, they’re obviously made from a template, so this will be a nice way for everyone to get a better sense of what they’re potentially buying. You can see the gallery here.

Additionally, I’m hoping to unveil another type of merchandise or two this month so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has followed our Instagram page - it may not seem like that much to many, but 500 followers is HUGE to me. When I first started the page, I just created it as a place to post my art without bugging my followers on my personal account too much. Obviously I loved doing it so much that I’ve grown it to take us to this point, but none of it would have been possible without the constant support from you all and I can’t thank you enough for that. So thank you to all 500 of you on IG, thank you to all of my friends who believed in and continue to believe in me, thank you to my 42 followers on Twitter, thank you to my parents who are always loving and supportive of everything I do, and thank you to everyone who actually reads these updates - at the moment, it’s probably the best place to catch, well, updates about everything I’m doing. I hope to continue creating the best, most inspired art that I possibly can for everyone, and hope at the very least I’m bringing some form of enjoyment to you all. It makes me so happy seeing people using my art for their display pictures on Instagram, I’m so flattered.

Have a great weekend!